Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bean Project

  • Problem- well the bean grow better in vinegar then water 
  • Background Knowledge- The plants needed water to grow .
  • Hypothesis- I though that the plant in the water would grow better and faster then in vinegar. .
  •  materials 1. vinegar, two beans, water two cups,1 cylinder 10ml, and two 1/2 cups of soil
  • Method-   Step 1.After u have getherd your metiarels you put 1/2 cupof soil in each cup.
Step 2.Then you put the one bean on top of each cup push
the bean 2in in.
Step 3.At last you put 10ml of vinegar with a cylinder and
on the other one you put water finally just put the cup
were theirs sun.

Experiment-would it grow better in vinegar then water.

Collect Data- turned in graph

Conclusion- In my bean project both beans did not grow because we added to much vinegar and water. 

Questions for Extensions- What would happen to both beans if we would of mixed vinegar and water would it have grown.

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