Thursday, September 8, 2011

Science Progect

This are the metiarels you well need for the science progect.

2.two beans
4.two cups
5.1 cylinder 10ml
6.two 1/2 cups of soil

Step 1.After u have getherd your metiarels you put 1/2 cup
of soil in each cup.

step 2.Then you put the one bean on top of each cup push
the bean 2in in.

step 3.At last you put 10ml of vineger with a cylinder and
on the other one you put water finaly just put the cup
were thers sun.

     1. put saftey gear on
     2. getherd metiarels
     3.put soil 1/2 cup of soil on each cup
     4. put bean on top of both cups and push it 1/2 way in
     5. then put vineger on one and water on the other then put both under the sun

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