Tuesday, October 18, 2011


  1. Cats 
  2. Tigers
  3. Prince Royce 
  4. Bachata 
  5. movie-fast five
  6. aliens 
  7. Edy lover 
  8. Kayla 
  9. monsters 
  10. zombies
  11. Camila
  12. William levy 
  13. turkeys
  14. pumpkins
  15. dogs
  16. music
  17. iPods
  18. hello kitty 
  19. scary story's
  20. Baby boy   

Friday, October 14, 2011

My Science Lesson

  1. What are you teaching the students? I am Teaching them  the Cenozoic eras
  2. Where did you find your resources/information? In Wikipedia.com & science book
  3. What activity are you having the class do? I am having them put the pictures on the era that it belongs to. 
  4. What vocabulary are you introducing to the class? Cenozoic, mesozoic, and Paleozoic eras

Mood & setting

The cabin was cool and fearful. The door shouted quickly, I started feeling frigid and eerie. In the inside of me I feel like I'm dead without escape.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bean Project

  • Problem- well the bean grow better in vinegar then water 
  • Background Knowledge- The plants needed water to grow .
  • Hypothesis- I though that the plant in the water would grow better and faster then in vinegar. .
  •  materials 1. vinegar, two beans, water two cups,1 cylinder 10ml, and two 1/2 cups of soil
  • Method-   Step 1.After u have getherd your metiarels you put 1/2 cupof soil in each cup.
Step 2.Then you put the one bean on top of each cup push
the bean 2in in.
Step 3.At last you put 10ml of vinegar with a cylinder and
on the other one you put water finally just put the cup
were theirs sun.

Experiment-would it grow better in vinegar then water.

Collect Data- turned in graph

Conclusion- In my bean project both beans did not grow because we added to much vinegar and water. 

Questions for Extensions- What would happen to both beans if we would of mixed vinegar and water would it have grown.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Licenses

                 I chose non-commercial and share alike because I want people
to credit me for the work I've done,and another reason I chose this license is because 
if I share with  other people I want other people to share with me also. For this reason 
I want people to ask before they do any thing with my work and not make money of it
with out my permission.         

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Science Progect

This are the metiarels you well need for the science progect.

2.two beans
4.two cups
5.1 cylinder 10ml
6.two 1/2 cups of soil

Step 1.After u have getherd your metiarels you put 1/2 cup
of soil in each cup.

step 2.Then you put the one bean on top of each cup push
the bean 2in in.

step 3.At last you put 10ml of vineger with a cylinder and
on the other one you put water finaly just put the cup
were thers sun.

     1. put saftey gear on
     2. getherd metiarels
     3.put soil 1/2 cup of soil on each cup
     4. put bean on top of both cups and push it 1/2 way in
     5. then put vineger on one and water on the other then put both under the sun

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stop The Bulling

One after noon Alex sent a text to Alison saying "sand a cool picture to me". So she did not send it, but the next day in school every one was calling her names. Friday Alex told her again, but this time he told her that if she did not send it the kids in school wont stop calling her names and bushing her.Monday she had all ready sent it in wen she got to school the kids would not stop looking at her she run to the restroom. A  few minutes  pasted and the teacher walked in the restroom because she did not present to class. Alison told the hole story to the teacher the teacher told the principal and the principal told her parents. Alison moved to a different place and started a new life.